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Settings  *New in version 1.5

Full Screen / Original Size
You can now set the screen saver's default display mode.
Toggle between Full Screen or Normal Size.

Animated Graphics Speed
Set the playback speed of the animated graphics here.
The higher the number, the longer each frame will pause on screen.

Message System

2D Flash Screensaver

To leave a short message on screen, choose any of the 4 preset messages or type your own message from the 'Leave a message' button.

2D Flash ScreensaverTo clear the message, move your mouse over the word 'Message:' and a 'Clear?' button will appear. Click it to confirm clearing the current message.



2D Flash Screensaver









The current date is printed on top of the calendar. This information is retrieved from your system's clock.

World Clock

2D Flash Screensaver

Move your mouse over the hotspots (green dots) to see the current date/time of the locations. This information is based on your system's clock and time zone.

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